Our Story


Welcome to Woodbests!

We are an online store specializing in wooden jigsaw puzzles. Here, you can find puzzles of various themes, including animals, mandalas, custom puzzles, and more. Each puzzle is creative, high-quality, and vibrant in color - sure to become a favorite.


Origin Dream

Our founder, Linda, is a young artisan with a passion for crafting and design. From a young age, she loved playing with jigsaw puzzles and believed they could enhance thinking skills, increase focus, and stimulate creativity and imagination. Jigsaw puzzles were one of her favorite toys growing up, and even as an adult, she still indulges in the world of puzzles.

During college, Linda explored various crafts and design work, which inspired her greatly. After graduating, she worked at a home goods company in design, where she continued to learn and accumulate professional knowledge and experience.

However, she always had a dream in her heart,to create her own brand and produce high-quality, environmentally friendly, and safe wooden puzzles to bring joy to more people.


Make A Decision

In 2019, Linda decided to turn her hobby into a business and founded Woodbests.

She hoped to provide more people with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the fun of jigsaw games like she did when she was younger, as well as offering a leisurely pastime.


Overcome Difficulties

During the early stages of launching the company,Linda faced multiple difficulties and challenges. She needed to find suitable manufacturers, develop new products, and establish a brand image, among other things. However, she remained determined and committed to her vision and values.

Throughout this process, Linda consistently insisted on providing the highest quality and most creative wooden puzzles.

After extensive planning and effort, we successfully launched a variety of themed puzzles such as animals, mandalas, and custom puzzles, offering customers more choices.


Original Design

Our whimsical ideas and puzzle cutting patterns are all hand-drawn and original by our designers. We use 100% pure natural wood to manufacture our puzzles to ensure that each puzzle is environmentally friendly, safe, and durable.

Woodbests puzzles use the latest laser technology for cutting, made from high-quality wood and ink, ensuring a durable heirloom product that can be shared across generations.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make more people fall in love with jigsaw puzzles and enjoy the fun and mental exercise they bring. Our vision is to become the world's leading wooden puzzle sales platform, providing customers with the best experience while continuously promoting our product innovation and development.

We believe that once you come to Woodbests, you will be attracted by our carefully selected products and feel our attention and heartfelt service to each customer.

We are committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience and highest quality products, making you our faithful supporter.