Kathryn Fedora

Kathryn (Kat) Fedora’s charming artwork is full of whimsy and imagination. She likes to create scenes full of fairytale magic, nature, animal friends, books, stars and stories.She works with watercolor and ink as well as acrylics. An introvert at heart, her works often focus on peaceful scenes, full of quiet moments and contemplation. Her pieces are also inspired by the world around her, the changing seasons and landscapes, the cycles of the moon and observations from nature.Kat loves working from her home studio in Western Massachusetts in the United States.


Nicholas John VARDAXIS

Nicholas Vardaxis lives and works in Melbourne, Australia and is of Greek origin. He speaks English, Greek, Italian (and enough French to get himself in trouble in France). He completed his university education at the University of Melbourne and worked as an Academic in various universities in Australia in the Medical Field. He can remember himself drawing and painting ever since he was a child, and what began as a hobby has developed now in his later years as an almost complete full-time occupation as an artist. He is also a writer (both scientific and literary works), a musician and amateur composer, as well as a photographer and traveller. He enjoys hiking and gardening, reading, and solving cryptic crossword puzzles.


Alexander Shandor

Alexander Shandor was born in 1981 in the Transcarpathian city of Vynohradiv in Western Ukraine. Alexander participated in numerous Ukrainian and international exhibitions and plein air sessions. His works are in private collections, galleries of Ukraine and abroad. Alexander was awarded membership in the Creative People's Association "Verkhovyna Artist" in 2007 and joined the Youth Union "Transcarpathian Artists” in 2012. Throughout his career, Alexander supported charitable exhibitions (Uzhhorod, 2011 and 2015) and causes by donating his art for children with special needs (Kyiv 2014 and 2016). 2020 winter - personal exhibition in Carpathian Homeland Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.He studied at the Erdeli College of Arts in Uzhhorod, at the department of metal processing in the studio and under the mentorship of professors Petretsky, Lukac, and Mykhailyuk.


Marianne K Palmer

Marianne started out her creative calling as a Printed Textile Designer in the UK, but relocating to Canada introduced her to new landscapes that she couldn’t resist painting. Living in Chilliwack, BC, she’s inspired by the colour and beauty all around and paints landscapes, flowers and abstracts. With abstracts, she loves playing with unexpected outcomes, starting a painting and not knowing how it will finish. With landscapes and flowers, she loves deciding what to filter in or out, painting realistically or maybe exaggerating colours; finding that sweet spot where it just makes you smile.


Shirin Moarefi

Since I was a child, I was always fascinated about art and the story behind it. Growing up, I found my own inner voice to express myself  with colors and shapes. My biggest inspiration is my feelings and my inner child.  Art truly brings joy into my life and makes me very happy. When I paint I feel free and limitless. That is the biggest reason behind me creating. I feel alive letting go of all my emotions. I hope you will join me on my journey to create and make the world more colourful. 


Sarah Bradfield

Sarah Bradfield is an experienced and versatile artist who finds inspiration in the vast and varied landscapes of Canada. Hailing from the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Sarah's dual roles as an art teacher and artist have taken her from coast to coast, including the remote northern reaches of the Canadian sub-arctic. Driven by a passion to capture what she experiences in nature, Sarah's paintings are vibrant and detailed, aiming to convey deep emotions and draw viewers into the expansive beauty of Canada's great landscapes.


Diana Malivani

Artist Diana Malivani, who by her training and profession, is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D., Ph.D.), is represented by internationally reputable art galleries (Singulart, Artsper, The Artling). Her works regularly appear in prestigious exhibitions (London Art Biennale, Shanghai International Art Fair, Art Revolution Taipei), are published in international art journals (The Flux Magazine, Peripheral ARTeries, Art Reveal in the UK; Artfuly Magazine in Australia; Birmingham Arts Journal in the US), offered for sale on leading online art marketplaces (Artsy, 1stDibs), listed by auction houses (Artprice), and held in the collections of both national museums and private collectors in more than 25 countries.

Doodle Artist

Lori Anne McKague

“To ask what if, is to stretch the imagination... for curiosity truly is the heart of creativity.”

Retiring to a mountaintop in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, after 40 years as a successful graphic designer, Lori’s creative curiosity found new avenues of expression, fed by her passion for travel, and the beautiful wilderness around her. Perpetually armed with art journal and pen, Lori found herself channeling each new adventure into visions of shape and movement, which flowed as ink to paper into a series of other-worldly creations she christened “Doodles.”


Erin Desjardine

Erin has lived on both ends of Canada, but both she and her heart are from the Manitoban prairies. She turned to creative outlets in an attempt to clear an overly busy brain, and to try to break a lifetime habit of overthinking. Sharing her art, and experiencing the art of others, is a passion for Erin. Creativity, and exploration through creativity and imagination, often get pushed to the side in our busy lives,but Erin believes they are the foundation and fuel that help us get through the tough times life sends us.