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Amy Tieman

My name is Amy Tieman and I am a self taught mixed media artist from Atlanta, GA. I have a lifelong passion of painting and drawing and have always been fascinated by the vastness and beauty of underwater worlds and it's creatures. Along with vibrant florals and abstracts, these are the subjects that inspire most of my artwork.I consider myself to be very much an intuitive artist so I rarely have a set plan in mind when I begin a piece of artwork. With a goal of creating visual elegance, balance, and harmony through each piece of artwork that I create, I prefer to allow the paints and inks to flow freely onto the chosen substrate and then design a composition around what the piece expresses to me. Oftentimes the final outcome is very unexpected and surprising, which is my most favorite part of the process! I am constantly trying new techniques and learning how to incorporate them into my artwork.

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