10 reasons why puzzles are the perfect gift


Are you looking for a gift for your loved one, friend or even your partner? Can you surprise him with something equally special and it's giving him a headache?

Forget about socks, mugs and similar gifts.

We don't think you can beat wooden puzzles! We also give 10 reasons why we think so.

1. It helps you relax

These days, most of us are glued to our screens all day: on our way out in the morning, 8 hours in front of a monitor at work, and a little Netflix in front of the TV when we get home.

The basic problem with this is that we don't give our brains enough time to rest, our nervous system is overloaded, so over time we become less and less able to focus and we become more and more tired.

While solving puzzles, our minds relax and our stress levels drop, so we can relax mentally and physically.

2. You give me the gift of time

Today, we hear from more and more places that it is important to make time for ourselves, that we can unselfishly “include” in activities of our choice while temporarily disconnecting from the outside world.

Puzzle games help you focus and immerse yourself in your own thoughts.

3. boring

Are you familiar with that feeling when you have a little free time and don't know what to do with it?

In this case, it is useful to have a jigsaw puzzle at home that you can pull out and play with at any time. A huge advantage is that you can stop at any time, so even if you only have a few minutes to spare, you can sit down and put a few pieces in place.

4. fashion

Many people think that educational games are only for children, but in fact, even adults can find games they like.

Almost everyone has a favorite animal, and if a wooden puzzle depicts their favorite animal, our gift couldn't be missed.

5. Home improvement

Puzzles are also great for decorating the recipient's home: when ready, you can glue your finished piece together, frame it, and hang it on the wall.

6. Diversification

Do you also always try to surprise the person celebrating with an exciting gift? Solving this problem is also a headache.

7. It develops

They stimulate cognitive abilities, develop fine motor flexibility, stimulate imagination and test your concentration to the limit.

8. All ages

A great choice for kids, adults and even retirees!

The wooden puzzles offered by Woodbests are made up of small pieces (that's why they are a real challenge), however, due to the small pieces, we only recommend them for ages 7 and up!

(Toddlers can put small pieces in their mouths and swallow them, at an age when their fine motor skills are not yet at a level where they can enjoy puzzles.)

Puzzle solving develops many skills in children (you can also read about this in our previous article), and in older adults it reduces the risk of dementia.

9. Pretty

Do you also think that a gift that is not only useful but also beautiful is an advantage?

10. Not one size fits all

The puzzles we sell are not your ordinary traditional puzzles. Each piece has a different shape, and each puzzle piece contains different shapes of animals, plants and flowers.

In this way, a butterfly 🦋, a squirrel 🐿️, an owl 🦉, and even a wolf 🐺 can face the receiver at any time during the puzzle solving process.

If you're looking for such a unique gift, look no further than our wooden puzzles and surprise your loved ones or even yourself with a super gift!