About Eco-friendly packaging

About Eco-friendly packaging

1. Why choose to use environmentally friendly packaging?

"Every three seconds, the world loses an area of forest the size of a soccer field."

Globally, we are losing about 4.7 million hectares of tropical forest each year, according to the United Nations. And forests and trees make the planet livable. They provide us with clean air and water. They are a key defense against global warming by storing large amounts of carbon and moderating the climate. They are home to much of the planet's amazing biodiversity. They provide shade, recreation and well-being. They support the livelihoods of billions around the world.

WOODBESTS, as the leading brand of wooden jigsaw puzzle, thanks to all jigsaw fans for accompanying us all the way. WOODBESTS have always been proud of our puzzles made from natural basswood, but also worried about the fact that the puzzles consume wood. In order to respond to the world's call for environmental protection and to reduce the unnecessary consumption of wood, WOODBESTS decided to promote environmentally friendly simple packaging products. Under the guarantee that the puzzle is still made of natural linden wood, two packaging options are implemented, one is a wooden gift box and the other is a simple packaging of recycled cotton bags.

We assure you that the jigsaw products are still made of natural basswood, only the packaging has been changed. And the choice of packaging is in the hands of the customer. Whether you choose the wooden gift box or the simple packaging in recycled cotton bags, it is entirely up to you to decide.

At the same time, the prices of the two packages have been adjusted. Wooden jigsaw puzzle of S, M, L yards recycle bag packaging 10 dollars lower than the wooden gift boxes, wooden puzzle XL code recycle bags of simple packaging 15 dollars lower than the wooden gift boxes.

The simple packaging price of recycled cotton bags is not only cheaper than wooden gift boxes, but also a big boost to the cause of environmental protection. We only source cotton that is sustainable - that is, recyclable, organic and certified. We are committed to reducing waste and lowering our environmental impact by preferring recycled cotton as a raw material. Since our puzzle products are durable and unlikely to be discarded for material reasons, after much deliberation, we considered it acceptable to use recycled cotton for our simple packaging.

Of course, we will continue to look for packaging materials that are better for the environment and have stronger recycling and recovery properties.

This is a small step taken by WOODBESTS in environmental protection. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to environmental protection and make the right decision for our homeland. Every choice you make not only protects the earth, but also supports us.

WOODBESTS hopes to build a community together with more puzzle lovers to protect the green earth!

2. The scope of application of the 2 packages

  • Simple packaging in recycled cotton bags:

If you want to buy puzzles for entertainment, or try puzzles for the first time, we recommend you choose the simple packaging.

If you are a puzzle lover, have some experience in puzzle games, and want to challenge different puzzle styles, we recommend you to choose the simple packaging.

  • Wooden gift box:

If you choose to give our puzzles as a gift, we recommend that you choose the wooden gift box.

If you are a puzzle collector and want to buy puzzles for collection, we recommend you to choose the wooden gift box.

If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, think the packaging square will be more neat and beautiful, we suggest you choose the wooden gift box.