Doodle Artist

Lori Anne McKague

“To ask what if, is to stretch the imagination... for curiosity truly is the heart of creativity.”

Retiring to a mountaintop in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, after 40 years as a successful graphic designer, Lori’s creative curiosity found new avenues of expression, fed by her passion for travel, and the beautiful wilderness around her. Perpetually armed with art journal and pen, Lori found herself channeling each new adventure into visions of shape and movement, which flowed as ink to paper into a series of other-worldly creations she christened “Doodles.”


Erin Desjardine

Erin has lived on both ends of Canada, but both she and her heart are from the Manitoban prairies. She turned to creative outlets in an attempt to clear an overly busy brain, and to try to break a lifetime habit of overthinking. Sharing her art, and experiencing the art of others, is a passion for Erin. Creativity, and exploration through creativity and imagination, often get pushed to the side in our busy lives,but Erin believes they are the foundation and fuel that help us get through the tough times life sends us.